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Gaium Botánica

Double Cleaning

Double Cleaning

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Reusable Facial Wipes

What comes in the Ritual?

- Austral Cleansing Oil
- Zahara Cleansing Powder

Optional: Reusable Facial Wipes 

The Double Cleansing Ritual is a method to cleanse the face in depth: first, with an oil-based cleanser -Austral Cleansing Oil- and then with a water-based cleanser -Zahara Cleansing Powder- This method helps to eliminate impurities denser that can clog pores, for example, traces of makeup, heavy metals, environmental pollution, and even excess sebum and sweat.

The Double Cleaning Ritual, being an intense cleaning, is not recommended daily, but once or twice a week; Unless you live in a very polluted city, you put on makeup daily, or you sweat excessively, in which case, it is better to do it every day.

Gym tip: If you sweat every day, but not excessively, as soon as you finish your routine rinse your face with warm water to remove part of the bacteria eliminated by the skin through sweat. This is how acne or dermatitis outbreaks are prevented.

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