Our history

Gaium was born as a life project, a collection of experiences and knowledge, from a path that exposed us to complex and painful truths, but also opened our eyes to unique, exotic and natural solutions.

During a trip that led us to a deep connection with ourselves and with nature. The forest gave us our purpose. In the midst of its serenity, its charm and its humid smell, GAIUM BOTÁNICA was born. A space, a brand and a passion where your skin is only the beginning of a deeper connection with nature, the universe and your interior. ❤️

For us, diversity is the key, each human being is unique, just like their skin. And it is this magnificent diversity that we seek to honor with each of our products, since the same happens in the plant kingdom, each plant is different, and each one brings us something special and unique, which we, like good alchemists, mix to you. ⚗️

All our products are formulated with exotic oils and botanical extracts that come in their purest essence from the world's forests, thinking solely and exclusively of the well-being of each skin, each person and the planet we call home.

Pss… we are vegan, organic and support the conservation of Colombian fauna while nourishing your naturally perfect skin 😉

A hug!

  • Sarah, co-founder.