¿Lista para conocer tu piel?

Ready to know your skin?

Let's be honest... who agrees with that phrase that says that the best makeup is healthy and beautiful skin? The truth is that we do. We have always believed that it is worth taking care of your skin to be able to show it off calmly and above all with pride. But many times we don't know it well enough and that's why we don't understand how we should take care of it.

The knowledge of the vast majority about their skin is limited to elementary biology class, the occasional comment from their dermatologist and the always flawed advice from magazines or cosmetic commercials. Who has not ever done a skin test for Vogue magazine?

However, we are sure that knowledge is power, and here we want to give you the power to take good care of your skin, we want you to get to know it and learn to listen to it and give it just what it needs. So in this space we will present it to you like no one has presented it to you before, from the beginning and with all the details.

Of course, we want to make a clarification, there are skins like people in the world. Each skin is unique and unrepeatable and will behave differently to one or another stimulus or treatment. That's why what may work wonders for your friend may not work for you, and this is based on our unique genetics, environment and lifestyle. However, the physiology of humans, luckily for everyone, is quite similar, so we'll talk from there. Our recommendation is always to have a clear general image, but always adapting to your specific case.

Ready to know your skin like never before?

See you very soon.

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