¿Cuál es el orden de la rutina ideal?

What is the order of the ideal routine?

Good morning!

I'm writing this while I'm having a delicious hot chocolate full of spectacular adaptogens for my skin... but I'll talk about that functional drinks in skincare another day.

Today I want to talk with you about what the facial care routine is like that we should have. I know this is a topic that everyone has talked about, but still there is little to no clarity about it. First, because everyone has a different routine according to their needs, and second, because we are not clear on the basics.

It is true that every routine is as unique as the skin for which it is designed and there is no one size fits all ; but it is also true that there are some basic steps on which you can build the routine that your skin needs.

Note: The morning and night routine have really few variations, so here we give you the basic steps to follow. 

Skincare routine for dummies

Step #1: Cleaning

The first thing you have to know is that every routine begins with cleaning.

There's no point putting a million products on skin covered in pollution, sweat, sunscreen, or makeup.

Surely you have heard of double cleansing, or in English double cleansing... The truth is that the concept is easier to apply than it seems: use an oil-based cleanser first and then a mild soap for your skin.

Step #2: Tonic

Cleanings will always involve water, and no matter how pure and crystalline it may be, it will always have a pH of (7) -which is the neutral pH-. However, skin has a slightly more acidic different ph, on average (5).

So what is there to do? Return the skin to its normal pH with a toner.

Side note: please never confuse micellar water with a toner. And if you buy it in the market, check that it never, EVER, has alcohol.

Once you have applied the toner, your skin is already clean and ready to put whatever you want on it.

A very basic routine would be the two previous steps plus a little extra love with a facial oil, the truth is that healthy skin needs little else... But of course we all always want more than we simply need (that divine bag you bought last week past was clearly not a necessity hahaha)

So, to continue with our routine, we are going to apply the following skin layering , that is, we are going to apply these products on your skin in a specific order from lighter and more watery, to more dense and oily.

Step #3: Serums

Always start with what is water based, and go from lightest to heaviest.

For example, if you have a water-based serum, it's the first thing you should put on after toner.

How do you know if it is water based? Simply turn the container and check the ingredients, if the first is aqua, and it is also light and transparent, go for it first .

Step #4: Creams

After the serums come all the creams, whether they are moisturizing, illuminating, anti-wrinkle, etc.

If you read the ingredients, the first one will also be water, but in addition to this they also have oils to moisturize your skin, that's why they go after serums.

Step #5: Eye contour

Eye contours are generally oil-based, this is much more moisturizing than a cream or gel, and since the hypodermis in the eye area is super thin, that extra moisturizing is super necessary.

However, there are also some in gel and cream. If you use one like this, apply it with the same criteria from watery to oily.

That is to say:

  • If it's gel (just water), it goes after the toner.
  • If it is cream (water and oil), it goes after the serum and before the face cream.
  • If it is oily (only oil, which is ideal) it goes after the cream but before the facial oil.

As ours is based on the most exotic Amazonian oils, it goes after the cream.

Step #6: Face oil

We always close the routine with the best: facial oils.

The function of these is to nourish your skin in depth and reinforce the upper layer of it, thus preventing the loss of hydration and creating a protective layer from environmental pollutants.

PS: Also, they leave your skin very luminous.

In the end, the bottom line is that each routine should be tailored to your skin's needs at the time, and I know that while it can still be confusing to choose the right products for you, at least you know what order they go in and what their purpose is. each.

If you would like us to review your routine one by one, we are waiting for you in the consultancies that you can find on our website. There is nothing that excites us more than exploring in depth what you need to have that skin you dream of.

A hug and see you soon!

  • Sarah
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