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As we promised in the previous post...

As we promised in the previous post, here are our tips for having a healthy microbiome, and therefore beautiful skin.

  1. Do not wash your face daily with soap and also not more than once a day! You can strip your skin of its hydrolipidic layer and increase its pH, which will make it very vulnerable to any external threat, or make it very sensitive and dry. What is our advice? Clean your skin with soap once or twice a week, unless you sweat a lot, wear makeup daily, or live in a heavily polluted city. If this is not the case, clean your face every night with a Cleansing Oil, such as Austral, and in the morning rinse your skin with mineral or miscellar water.
  1. When using soap, always use a cleansing oil first. This will remove the remains of makeup, sunscreen and all environmental pollutants that are not water-soluble. In addition, cleansing oils do not alter the pH of your skin and help it maintain hydration.
  1. After using your soap, once or several times a week, do not forget the toner.* It is essential to restore the pH of your skin, reduce its stress and favor the speedy recovery of the hydrolipidic layer.

* Avoid any toner that has alcohol, it will only dry out your skin. Better opt for natural options such as coconut water, chamomile tea, lavender, roses, among others. PS: Do not forget to cover the latter while they infuse, so you will preserve their essential oils. Also, store them in the fridge to last up to a week.

Follow these basic tips and you will see how in a few days you will begin to notice the difference in your skin.

See you very soon to continue learning!


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