Ahora si, entremos en materia

Now yes, let's get down to business

Our skin is made up of a superficial mantle and three layers. Today we will take care of understanding a little more what it is and what are the functions of this superficial layer and then, little by little, we will get to know our skin much more.

The hydrolipidic mantle, which is the superficial mantle to which I referred at the beginning, is the outermost layer of our skin. It is made up of two substances, an aqueous one that we commonly know as sweat, and a lipid one that we know as sebum. This does not mean that you should panic thinking that your skin is only covered in grease and sweat, and that is why you should wash it 10,000 times a day, no. Although it is hard to believe, the hydrolipidic layer is essential for the skin to look soft and silky; without it it would basically look dull and lifeless.

There lives our microbiome, which is the set of good bacteria responsible for our skin being healthy and beautiful. I know, it sounds strange to think that a bacteria is good and necessary, but the truth is that there are some of them that are our best allies to get that skin that we dream of so much. And what do these good bacteria do? Well, they are in charge of defending us from other malignant bacteria that are in the environment and they also get rid of the toxins that come out through our skin. It is very important to remember that the microbiome varies from person to person according to factors such as age, gender, diet, hygiene, climate, pollution, among others.

In addition, as if the hydrolipidic layer was not already enough, it is also your first defense barrier; keeps your skin with a balanced pH (between 5-5.5); defends it from various external factors and prevents diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema; There is even some preliminary research linking a healthy microbiome and hydrolipidic layer with a lower chance of developing skin cancer.

After all this, I would dare to say that you are now very clear about why it is so important to keep the hydrolipidic layer healthy. Now the question is how to keep it that way? The truth is that it is not that difficult, our skin is very wise and finds its balance if we do our part, but we will talk about that in the next post.

See you very soon.

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